Programme 2017

                         Programme 2017


                     Monday 13th February

                 “Embarrassing Diabetes”

           Dr Charles Fox & Dr Anne Kilvert

              Consultant Diabetologists NGH


                        Monday 13th March

                    “First Aid for Carers”

                     St John’s  Ambulance


                       Monday 8th May

                   Diabetes Research

         Kathy Hall, Diabetes Research  NGH


                       Monday 12th June

            Question & Answer evening

                 Chair: Dr Charles Fox


                    Monday 9th  October

“Campaigning for Better Diabetes Care”

        Peter Shorrick – Diabetes UK


                           Monday 13th November

           “Top Tips for Controlling  Your Diabetes”

 Kathy Kerlogue -Diabetes Specialist Nurse NGH


                            Monday 11th December

                       AGM and Social Evening

        Monthly meetings are held in the Seminar Room at

              Danetre Hospital, Daventry. At 7.30 pm

                       All are welcome to attend.